Software Testing

Software Testing

Intelli Pointtech provides QA & Testing Services for a variety of software products, web applications, enterprise applications and electronic devices. Our rich experience in Software and Application Testing services, deep industry knowledge, broad testing tool expertise and flexible delivery model help you accelerate application testing, improve software quality at reduced cost.

We offer tri-centric QA & Testing Services which are:

Domain Centric:

  • Functionality Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Test Automation

Operation Centric:

  • Installation Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Scalability Testing

Technology Centric:

  • Compatibility Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Integration Testing

Our independent test engineering offers complete lifecycle capabilities. We optimize our processes and methodologies for your specific business and quality objectives. Metrics based analysis, review and process improvement program is created, enhanced and monitored by our Testing Centre of Excellence (TCoE).

This ongoing process optimization in application testing services enables us to maintain and improve high quality of deliverables, ensure on-time deliveries and reduce costs. In a nutshell, we offer the entire gamut of unparalleled software testing and QA services.

Our Testing process incorporates the following phases and steps:

In the Inception and Elaboration Phases:

  • Reviews of software requirements specifications
  • Definition of detailed test plan
  • Definition of functional test cases

In the Construction Phase:

  • Elaboration and extension of test cases, business testing and automated testing scenarios
  • Functional testing, including automated testing
  • Regression testing of the new builds
  • Preparation of the regular test result reports
  • Performance, stress, security, other non-functional testing

In the Transition Phase:

  • Support of the customer testing
  • Overall testing results summarization and evaluation

We leverage QA best practices and deliver to its clients the following benefits:

  • Increased reliability and scalability through enterprise-level software quality
  • Reduction in re-work and debugging costs
  • On-time delivery with dependable quality assurance
  • Higher customer satisfaction

illustrates our exposure to different tools & frameworks in Software Testing:

Automation Testing: Commercial Tools: Mercury QTP, WinRunner Open Source Tools: Selenium, Watir Custom Scripts: Perl, Java or other programming languages
Performance Testing: JMeter, Solex, Eclipse TPTP, LoadRunner, Microsoft Application Center Test, WAPT, OpenSTA, WAST
Unit Testing: Junit, Nunit, DbUnit, HttpUnit, AspUnit
Test Planning: Covers Scope, Schedule, Type of testing, Testing approach, Test Deliverables, Release Criteria, Risks and Contingencies
Bug Management: Mercury Quality Center, Jira, Bugzilla, Rally, Trac, Test Director, Seapine
Code Analysis: FxCop, CheckStyle, JDepend, NDepend, devMetrics
Code Coverage: Clover, Coverlipse, NCover