Intelli Pointtech implements software outsourcing solutions for big and small Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies to help them develop a line of innovative business applications for improving regulatory compliance such as FDA, reducing clinical trial process time and increasing efficiency across different departments.

The information generated in a pharma industry, especially in the analytical laboratory and the QC lab, tends to be huge. Most of the data needs to be frequently retrieved not only for internal use but also to meet stringent regulations, inspections and audits.

Our HIPAA compliant medical application servers and Quality Assurance software tools such as Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) are dependable to safely handle the data in a demonstrably secure environment.

We collaborate with the R&D department of Pharmaceutical companies to address their needs for Submission Management, Data Integration, Statistical Analysis, and Reporting. For the marketing department of Pharmaceutical companies, Intelli Pointtech helps build applications for managing complex physician outreach programs, physician training, Contracting and eDetailing while maintaining regulatory compliance.

We also work with the large and distributed sales teams of Pharmaceutical companies to design distributed applications for offline and online use on their laptops and handhelds. Intelli Pointtech understands the complex budgeting and forecasting processes used by the finance departments of Pharmaceutical industry and can implement customized ERP solutions to bring efficiency and structure to these tasks.